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内容提示: Pets Club Chi™ Welcome to the FREE online club for Chihuahua owners. Club Chi™ is backed by the experts at DOG FANCY® magazine and DogChannel.com, which has more than 20,000 online pages devoted to all things dog. Join Club Chi today by logging onto DogChannel.com/Club-Chi, and you’ll have immediate access to:• Chihuahua-specifi c forums, blogs and profi les • downloadable charts and checklists to help you be a smart Chi owner• interactive games • quizzes about dogs • Chi-themed e-cards ...

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Pets Club Chi™ Welcome to the FREE online club for Chihuahua owners. Club Chi™ is backed by the experts at DOG FANCY® magazine and DogChannel.com, which has more than 20,000 online pages devoted to all things dog. Join Club Chi today by logging onto DogChannel.com/Club-Chi, and you’ll have immediate access to:• Chihuahua-specifi c forums, blogs and profi les • downloadable charts and checklists to help you be a smart Chi owner• interactive games • quizzes about dogs • Chi-themed e-cards and wallpapers • and much more! Plus, you’ll be eligible to win some great prizes, gifts and rewards. Log on and join Club Chi today! Kennel Club Books® Interactive Series™ Kennel Club Books® Interactive Series™Supported by® JOIN Club Chi™TODAY! www.kennelclubbooks.comKennel Club Books® Interactive Series™ and Smart Owner’s Guide™Published byKennel Club Books®, LLC40 Broad StreetFreehold, NJ 07728CHIHUAHUAyou’re the newest member of a huge and very enthusiastic fan club. The Chi is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Tiny, mighty and cute as a button, the Chihuahua’s adorable looks, classy attitude and easy portability make him an ideal housemate. With proper socialization and training, you’ll realize that you couldn’t fi nd a sweeter, more fun-loving or more intelligent amigo than the Chi. To help you learn all you need to know about the Chihuahua, the editors of DOG FANCY® magazine have put together this Smart Owner’s Guide™, the fi rst breed series to offer online support to new Chihuahua owners. From the expert advice found within the pages of this book to a free online club created just for Chihuahua owners — Club Chi™ — you’ll be armed with all the tools necessary to be a smart and loving toy dog owner. Club Chi is supported by DOG FANCY and DogChannel.com DOG FANCY is the most widely read dog magazine in the world and has been helping dog owners for more than 40 years. DogChannel.com, the website for dog lovers, has more than 20,000 online pages devoted to all things dog. SMARTOWNER’SGUIDE ™CHIHUAHUAFROM THE EDITORS OFSMARTOWNER’SGUIDE ™CHIHUAHUAFROM THE EDITORS OFKennelClubBooks®FROM THE EDITORS OF With this Smart Owner’s Guide™, you’ll be the best, and smartest, Chihuahua owner north of the border. You’ll learn about:• selecting a healthy Chi puppy• successfully housetraining your Chihuahua• teaching your Chi basic good manners• fi nding a good veterinarian• promoting a healthy lifestyle • feeding a balanced diet• keeping your Chi looking dapper• solving bad behavior• fun activities to do with your Chi• and much more!Start your Chihuahua education now!BreedBookmark Subscribe to today!(800) 896-4939www.dogfancy.com You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you: They will be there long before any of us.— author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)NOTABLEQUOTABLE&BreedBookmark Visit DogChannel.com/Club-Chi and upload photos of your dog! Name: Macy Name: Lola BeanSMARTOWNER’SGUIDE ™ JOIN Club Chi™TODAY! YOUR FREE ONLINE CHIHUAHUA RESOURCE WHERE YOU CAN WIN PRIZES, GIFTS AND REWARDS!CHIHUAHUASMARTOWNER’SGUIDE ™Supported by®Dogs' only sweat glands are found between their paw pads.Did YouKnow?Club Chi™ JOIN OURONLINEU.S. $15.95 Can $ 17.95 If you are considering adding a Chihuahua to your home, SOGChihuaSftcvr.indd 19/9/09 8:27:45 AM CHIHUAHUASMARTOWNER’SGUIDEFROM THE EDITORS OF MAGAZINE™001 Intro. qxp 8/24/09 3: 58 PM Page 1 CONTENTSK9 Expert Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4By Susan Chaney, Editor, DOG FANCY magazineThe Secret is Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6The Chihuahua makes for a happy, spirited and intelligent family pet, but he has those stubborn toy tendencies, too. A Chi Chart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20Our simple two-page guide gives you all the necessary info about the Chihuahua — in 300 words or less!Toy Dog Tales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22The fascinating history of this breed begins south of the border in Mexico. Toy Selection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34Find out how to choose a reputable breeder and select a healthy Chihuahua. Or maybe you’d like to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. Either way, there are plenty of Chihuahuas out there waiting for loving homes. Home Essentials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48You can’t bring a Chi home and hope everything will take care of itself. You need to puppy-proof, or Chi-proof, your house. Plus,you’ll need to make sure that you have all the things he requiresto be comfortable, like bedding, toys and plenty more. Successful Housetraining . . . . . . . . . . . . 64Your first job is getting your Chi to do the doo where you want himto. Use a crate — aka a modern-day den — to expedite the process. Vet Visits and Everyday Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76Selecting a vet means doing some research and planning your toy dog’s first visit. Also, learn what to do when everyday bumps and bruises occur. On the Topic of Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88Learn how to deal with external and internal parasites, skin problems, and common medical and behavioral conditions. 002x003 TOC Har d. qxp 9/ 9/ 09 8: 34 AM Page Har d2 Time to Feed Your Chi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100With knowledge and know-how, you can feed your toy a proper diet so that he won’t end up a chunky Chi. A Good Grooming Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112 From nail clipping to brushing, we’ll have your Chi looking terrific.Time to Train . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126Every toy dog needs to learn the basics of sit, down, stay and come,but additional training will have your dog well-behaved and obedient. Breaking Bad Habits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 140When behavioral problems arise, prompt training will turn bad habits into appropriate behavior. If you teach your toy dog that there are better ways to get attention, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches. Sports for Toys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 154Your Chihuahua needs exercise and lots of attention, and dog sports — from agility to flyball — are good ways to fulfill both requirements.Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 166Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 174Chihuahua, a Smart Owner’s Guide™part of the Kennel Club Books®Interactive Series™ISBN: 978-1-593787-64-6. ©2009Kennel Club Books Inc., 40 Broad St., Freehold, NJ 07728. Printed in China. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, by Photostat, scanner, microfilm, xerograph, or any other means, or incorporatedinto any information retrieval system, electronic or mechanical, without the written permission of the copyright owner. photographers include Isabelle Francias/BowTie Inc.; Tara Darling/BowTie Inc.; Gina Cioli and Pamela Hunnicutt/BowTie Inc. Contributing writer:Barbara J. AndrewsFor CIP information, see page 176.002x003 TOC Har d. qxp 9/ 9/ 09 8: 35 AM Page Har d3 SDespite their cute size — weighing lessthan 6 pounds and standing 6 to 9 inchestall — and cute, cute faces, Chihuahuas needfirm house rules and consistent training fromthe first day they go home with you. If youtreat your Chi like a doll or toy, he’s likely toturn into a dog who nips at strangers and amanipulator who runs your household.It can be tough to tell your darling littledog “no” and mean it. But you have to. Heo, you think you want the tiniest ofdogs? Don’t be fooled by the shortlegs and diminutive body of theChihuahua. This breed is as much of aresponsibility as any other dog.needs to know that you’re the boss andyou’re going to make him follow the rules.Stick with it, and he’ll turn into a companionwhose years with you will slip by so fast youwon’t believe it.Once you’ve had a Chihuahua in yourhome, though, you’ll likely always have one;or, you’ll want to bring home a few more!Chis are full of energy and fun, and areextremely portable. You can take your Chijust about anywhere, tucked in a bag or evenin a pocket. Then, when he’s back at homewith you, he’ll revert to his watchdog modeby letting you know whenever someoneapproaches your house or apartment.4 IC H I H U A H U AK9 EXPERT FOREWORD004x005 Ed Not e. qxp 9/ 1 / 09 8: 38 AM Page 4 If you’re looking for an easygoing lap dog,this isn’t the breed for you. Smart and tena-cious, your Chihuahua will keep you on your toes. You’ll need to redirect that intelligenceand energy with regular walks, obediencetraining and perhaps a canine sport, such as agility or flyball. This isn’t a sit-on-the-couch-all-day kind of dog.But like a lap dog, your Chi will want lotsof attention from you and plenty of contact.He won’t happily stay in a crate all day, andof course, you can’t leave him in the backyardunsupervised. A midday walk, doggie daycare or another outlet will help keep himhappy and healthy.When you get home from work or an out-ing, be ready to take him outside for a pleas-ant stroll. Later, if you need to run errands,he’ll want to be right there by your side. Needto take a break, sit outside a coffee shop andrelax? Your Chihuahua will gladly keep youcompany. If you’ve socialized and trained himwell, he will entertain everyone he meets —the barista, other coffee afficionados andanyone else you greet.A few words of caution before you go topick out your new Chi: Chihuahuas don’toften mesh well with young children. But, ifyour children are older and know how to becareful around a tiny dog, things should bejust fine. Your Chihuahua also needs a patientand consistent partner when it comes tohousetraining. Be prepared to take some timeto housetrain your Chi, and acknowledge andaccept there will be accidents. Eventually,your tiny companion will learn where, whenand how to take care of his potty business.Remember: Just as your Chihuahua is will-ing to cooperate with you, you also have tokeep up your end of the deal. That meansteaching your new canine pal you’re incharge while giving him all the love, atten-tion and care that he deserves, craves andneeds. Together, you will make a mightygreat team for many years to come.Susan ChaneyEditor, DOGFANCYF O R E W O R D I 5 EDUCATIONJOIN OUR ONLINEClubChi™With this Smart Owner’s Guide™, you are well on your way to getting your Chihuahua diploma. But your Chi education doesn’t end here. You’re invited to joinClub Chi™(DogChannel.com/Club-Chi), a FREE online site with lots of fun andinstructive online features like:◆ forums, blogs and profiles where you can connect with other Chi owners◆ downloadable charts and checkliststo help you be a smart and loving Chihuahua owner ◆ access to Chihuahua e-cardsand wallpapers◆ interactive games◆ quizzes about dogsThe Smart Owner’s Guide series and Club Chi are backed by the experts at DOG FANCY®magazine and DogChannel.com — who have been providing trusted and up-to-date information about dogs and dog lovers for more than 40 years. Log on and join the club today! 004x005 Ed Not e. qxp 9/ 1 / 09 8: 38 AM Page 5 6 IC H I H U A H U ATHE SECRET CHAPTER10 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 3 AM Pa g e 6 Ydable challenge of owning the diminutiveChihuahua? Are you worthy of this tiny dog’sextreme devotion and unyielding affection? ou think they’re cute, you’re dying tocuddle one and you just love theirdarling, batlike ears. But, those nag-ging questions continue to haunt you: Doyou have what it takes to take on the formi-THE CHI CAN’T HELP ITChihuahua owner Roger Balettie fromAustin, Texas, never saw himself as the typi-cal Chihuahua companion. “I’ll be honest: I originally wasn’t that interested in getting a Chihuahua as a pet,” Balettie says. “I hadalways grown up with big dogs and wasleaning more toward getting one of those.However, once I got Bambi, I was hooked. I bought Nina one year later to keep Bambicompany, and two Chis are certainly morefun than one!”Anyone considering a Chihuahua must beprepared for both the wonderful and chal-lenging aspects of Chi ownership. “Chihua-hua owners must be ready to give a wholelot of attention to their dog,” says SharonHermosillo, a breeder and former rescueT H E S E C R E T I S O U T I 7 IS OUTYou can expect your Chihuahuapuppy to reach emotionalmaturity by 3 years old.Although socialization is most important in the weeksprior to 4 months, socialexposure should continuethroughout the dog’s firstyear and into adulthood.it’s aFact0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 3 AM Pa g e 7 chairperson of the Chihuahua Club ofAmerica from San Jose, Calif. Balettie agrees. “My Chis, at least, requirea great deal of attention and affection,” hesays. “They are the perfect definition of a lapdog, wanting to be near me at all times,whether I’m watching television, working onthe computer or fixing dinner.” Balettie insiststhat such constant companionship is far froma negative aspect of owning a Chihuahua. “Chis are so small that they don’t over-whelm when they pounce into their favoriteseating position,” he says. “The affection theygive in return for the attention they demandmakes it all worth it.” A Chihuahua certainlyneeds plenty of petting and affection daily! Meet other Chihuahua owners just like you. On our toy dog forums,you can chat about your Chihuahua and ask other owners for adviceon training, health issues and anything else about your favorite dogbreed. Log onto DogChannel.com/Club-Chi for details!8 IC H I H U A H U AJOIN OUR ONLINEClubChi™0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 3 AM Pa g e 8 Chihuahuas have a reputa-tion for being clannish, un-friendly toward other dogs andsuspicious of strangers. How-ever, thanks to proper breeding, many of themore undesirable Chihuahua characteristicsare a thing of the past. “The love and devo-tion that Chihuahuas express is so contrary tothe stereotype that has been propagated overthe years of Chihuahuas as ‘yappy, little-old-lady dogs,’” Balettie says. “Fortunately, mostof the more respectable Chihuahua breedershave bred out the obnoxious traits, leavingthe sweet-tempered, affectionate dog as thestandard for the Chihuahua today.”Whether or not a Chi is friendly and tol-erant of strangers largely depends on howwell he’s been socialized. “People get a Chiand never take him anywhere, then wonderwhy he doesn’t like anyone,” Hermosillosays. “Chis are very sociable if you workwith them.” Hermosillo suggests taking aChihuahua puppy with you everywhere andletting him meet a wide variety of people sohe will become accustomed to people out-side of his family. What about other breeds? “Chis normallyprefer their own kind — they really do loveother Chihuahuas — but my daughter had aChi and a German Shepherd Dog for fouryears and they were best friends,” Her-mosillo says. Surprisingly, most Chis enjoycats. “Our Chis just love our cats,” she says.“Of course, when my Chis all get together,they suddenly get very brave and gang upon the cats; but if they’re playing one-on-one, Chis and cats generally do very welltogether.” With other pets, as well as people, social-ization prevents poor social skills and somebehavioral problems. The more a Chihuahuais exposed to people and animals alike, themore comfortable and agreeable he willT H E S E C R E T I S O U T I 9One of the most importantthings you can teach yourChihuahua puppy is confidence. Too often, Chis are treated like fragiledolls instead of real dogs. It’s fun tocarry them around, especially in acute handbag, but it’s not good fortheir social development.Did YouKnow?Chis make excellent watchdogs, but if youdon’t want them to bark at every stranger, you must socialize them, pronto!0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 3 AM Pa g e 9 become. While it may take more time foryour Chihuahua to warm up to other mem-bers of the family, their love and affection iswell worth the wait.Chihuahuas certainly are not outdoordogs. Some Chihuahuas enjoy a romp inthe yard or the park, but they will be morethan happy to come back inside and returnto the comfort of a cozy couch cushion or,better yet, to snuggle beneath the quiltsand pillows on your bed. If you’re in bedtoo, that’s even better. “They ab-solutely must live inside, andthey prefer to be beddogs,” Hermosillo says. Chihuahuas like nothing better than to bewith you, by you or on you at all times.Nancy Robbins’ Chihuahuas, Ishi-Boo andPooh, are rarely far from her side. “They areusually both right there next to me or on me,”says Robbins, from Suwanee, Ga. “Ninety-nine percent of the time I have one curled upunder my shirt and the other at my side.” Furthermore, Chihuahuas require whatsome might call “excessive indulgence;” oth-ers might call it “spoiled rotten.” That’s oneway of putting it. But who can resist thoseperky ears and glittering eyes? After Robbinsmoved into a new house, her 2-year-oldmale Chihuahua, Ishi-Boo, lined up a fewnew chores forhis obliginghuman. “Since wehave lived here,you’ll find Ishi-Boo insisting onbeing lifted into thebed at night or beinglifted into the tub to lickup any water droplets I leavebehind every morning,” says Robbins,who admits she readily complies. Nowthat’s service!Balettie’s Chis demand treats froma gourmet dog bakery and use theirhuman as a comfy perch for watchingtelevision. In fact, Balettie’s 2-year-oldChi, Nina, has a favorite place to spendher time: on her owner’s shoulder! “Whenever I sit down to watch television,Nina will race from where she happens to beat the time, fly from the ground onto my lap,and in one leap, land on my shoulder,” hesays. “If I were a pirate, she’d be my parrot.” An interest in catering to the often eccen-tric whims of a little dog is a must for asmart Chi owner.10 IC H I H U A H U A0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 3 AM Pa g e 1 0 T H E S E C R E T I S O U T I 11The perfect owner for a Chi is someone who will shower his or her Chi with lots of love and attention.0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 4 AM Pa g e 1 1 It takes a special person to care for any animal, but ittakes a very special person to take care of a Chihuahua.Anyone who is considering having a Chihuahua as a petneeds to know that having a Chihuahua is very much like taking care of a child. — John Re, Chi owner from Tampa, Fla. NOTABLEQUOTABLE& Perhaps the most important characteristicof a smart Chihuahua owner — after a hugecapacity for love — is a good sense of humor.Chihuahuas can be downright hilarious, anda good Chi owner appreciates, and evencherishes, their antics. Robbins’ Chi, Ishi-Boo,quickly mastered the art of humor as a greatway to get what he wants. “Ishi-Boo is adancer,” Robbins says. “He can walk thewhole house on his hind legs with his frontpaws just swinging away, up and down asfast as he can paddle them. It gets him almostanything he wants from just about anybody.”Sometimes Chis are funny withoutintending to be. Balettie’s Chi, Bambi, hastaken her role as watchdog to an extreme.“In January, my father and I were watchingone of the football playoff games whenBambi, who had been sitting next to me ina chair in the den, started staring at myfather and growling,” Balettie explains.“Now, you must understand, Bambi doesnot growl at anyone; she has a very calmdisposition. Her growls, though, becamelouder and more insistent. Finally, myfather and I both realized the object of herire was not my father, but the timber wolfprinted on his sweatshirt. From across theroom, Bambi had seen this other ‘dog’ andwasn’t happy about its presence. My fathercovered the wolf on the shirt and Bambiseemed satisfied. If he uncovered the wolf,Bambi would start growling again.” Get ready for a life filled with humor withyour new Chihuahua.A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN?Is a Chihuahua for you? Only you candecide. These guidelines will help you makethat decision before you bring a new, littlepuppy into your home. Don’t expect the roadto be easy or emotion free. “An ideal Chihua-hua owner needs to have patience withthese little dogs because their need to loveand be loved is an all-consuming crusade,”Balettie says. “The return on the investment,though, is much greater than the demand onyour time.” Are you ready to fall in love? “Anyonewanting something to love or wanting to beloved could own a Chihuahua,” Robbinsstates. “I can’t imagine any true animal per-son, given the opportunity to be around onelong enough, not getting hooked on Chi-huahuas. It doesn’t take much for them tograb hold of your heartstrings, and theynever let go.”Still thinking about a big dog? Or is theidea of a Chihuahua starting to grow on you?Be careful, you may just become the perfectChihuahua owner.LOOK BEFORE YOU SIT!Chihuahuas have tons of self-esteem fortheir petite bodies, but they are tiny andcan easily be injured if stepped on, closedinto a door or fallen on by a wobbling tod-dler. Chi puppies are particularly delicateand have been known to break their legs ifallowed to jump from high places, such ascouches or tables. Just because your Chi12 IC H I H U A H U A0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 4 AM Pa g e 1 2 T H E S E C R E T I S O U T I 13Most fanciers will tell you that Chihuahuas shiver, sometimesfrom excitement or nerves, but more often, it’s because they’rechilly. Chis dislike the cold, almost to an extreme. In fact, someChihuahuas avoid cool floors by darting from one carpeted area to anotherbecause the breed’s small body and short coat offer scant resistance to theelements. Remember: Your dog depends on you for comfort.Did YouKnow?0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 9 / 0 9 8 : 3 6 AM Pa g e 1 3 Show off your artistic side. Share photos, videos and artwork of yourfavorite breed on Club Chi. You can also submit jokes, riddles and even poetry about Chihuahuas. Browse through our various galleries and see the talent of fellow toy dog owners. Go toDogChannel.com/Club-Chi and click on “Galleries” to get started.JOIN OUR ONLINEClubChi™14 IC H I H U A H U Acan get up on a couch doesn’t mean he canget down safely. Chihuahuas also love tosnuggle under blankets, pillows and cush-ions where they can’t be seen. Loving fam-ily members can easily — and unintention-ally — injure their beloved pets by walking,sitting or lying down on their Chi. If you are considering bringing home aChihuahua, you must be vigilant about hiswhereabouts at all times. “A new Chi ownerneeds to realize that these are tiny dogs, sobeing a little more careful about where theysit or step becomes a natural habit after awhile,” Balettie says. “Before sitting on ablanket or pillow, I always make sure one ofmy Chis isn’t hiding.” If you are thinkingof bringing home a Chihuahua, youmight as well start practicing: Lookbefore you sit!AMIGOS FOR SENIORSOf all the potentially perfect, smart Chi-huahua owners out there, seniors areamong the best. Chis are ideal for older peo-ple who stay home a lot and who may notbe particularly active. Unlike many otherbreeds, Chihuahuas can get plenty of exer-cise romping around a small space. As longas they are trained to eliminate in a conven-ient spot, Chis will be perfectly happy tostay inside all day snuggling beside theirfavorite person.Chihuahuas are also low-maintenance interms of care. They require minimal groom-ing and only a small supply of good food andwater. As far as their high-maintenance rep-utation goes, that’s the fun part; the Chi-huahua’s desire for constant attention andaffection is a great remedy for lonelinessor boredom, and a well-loved Chiwill repay his owner many timesover with companionship and un-wavering devotion. 0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 4 AM Pa g e 1 4 Life with an adult Chihuahua follows more of a routinethan life with a puppy; but having a Chihuahua is likehaving a puppy for life. I still take my Chihuahuas every-where with me. We still play hard and then cuddle. It amazes me how differenttheir personalities are — how so much personality can fit into something sotiny. It’s easier with adults, but every bit as wonderful! — Ruth Link, Chi owner from Missoula, Mont. NOTABLEQUOTABLE& T H E S E C R E T I S O U T I 150 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 4 AM Pa g e 1 5 16 IC H I H U A H U ATHE TREMBLESYou might have heardthat Chihuahuas tend tobe high-strung; they reactreadily to stimuli and willbark, jump around, spin incircles or perform otherenergy-releasing behav-iors when something hap-pens, such as the doorbell ringing. If a Chihuahua can’t release his energyfor whatever reason, he is likely to becomenervous and start shaking — what you mightcall a basic case of the jitters. “I see this kindof anxiety when an owner is holding theirChi and a stranger approaches,” says long-time Chihuahua breeder Rita Geiger, of NewUlm, Minn.Obviously, restraint prevents the Chi fromreleasing energy. Nervous energy partiallyexplains why some dogs who are frequentlycarried exhibit aggression when a strangercomes near. Barking and growling serve asenergy releases and cause what makesthem nervous to go away.However, not every Chi-huahua gets the jit-ters, according toShelly Covelli, adog-show partici-pant and Chi ownerfrom Weldona, Colo. “My male never shakes,”Covelli says. “He takes -things in stride. My female shakes whenshe is in any new situation.”Though some Chis display nervous ten-dencies, the best approach to help yourpuppy avoid becoming a jittery adult isthrough careful socialization and training toacclimate him to different environments.Just make sure you remember his sweater inchilly weather!As cute as your puppy looks in her outfits,don’t leave warm clothing on for too long.Just as you wouldn’t wear a heavy coatindoors, neither should your dog. Some Chistremble when nervous or excited, so don’tinstantly cover your dog if she shakes alittle in warm weather.it’s aFact006x021 Temp 1. qxp 9/18/09 12: 34 PM Page 16 T H E S E C R E T I S O U T I 17As cute as he looks in a designer handbag, your Chican’t spend his life glued to your side. Let himloose, so he can explore his world!0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 4 AM Pa g e 1 7 Pop PupsChis vs. Children18 IC H I H U A H U AThe trouble with Chihuahuas is thatwhen it comes to children, they lookan awful lot like something to playwith. Although they are members ofthe Toy Group, Chihuahuas are nottoys to amuse children. “I’m prettyleery about letting small childrenaround Chihuahuas,” says SharonHermosillo of San Jose, Calif., a Chi-huahua breeder and former rescuechairperson of the Chihuahua Club ofAmerica. “I have three grandchildren,but I knew I had to teach them howto handle the dogs, not train the dogshow to handle the kids.”Although children, especially olderchildren, can be taught how to handlea small dog without injuring her orrisking a nip, some children simplydon’t have the patience. A toddlerwho is too young to control his or herbehavior should never be trustedaround a Chihuahua, and very high-energy kids may make a Chihuahuanervous, especially if your dog hasn’tbeen exposed to children. “I always keep a cautious eye on myChihuahuas around children,” says Chiowner Nancy Robbins of Suwanee,Ga. “My Chihuahuas tend to be nerv-ous out in public, and they aren’t usedto children around the house, wherethey are most comfortable, except formy two daughters.” Even when she was younger,Robbins’ 8-year-old daughter some-times pushed her Chis to the limit.“When she pushed them too far, theywould snap at her,” Robbins explains.“They hadn’t been around youngerchildren and didn’t like it when kidsran or got loud around them.” Of course, some Chis do very wellaround children, but much depends onthe individual personality of your dogand, once again, whether she is ex-posed to children at a young age. “Inmy opinion, when it comes to Chihua-huas and children, there should alwaysbe close supervision,” Robbins says.If your family has small children,you may be better off waiting untilthey are older to bring home a Chi-huahua. If you already own a Chi-huahua when you have children, careful supervision is key at all times.Remember, Chihuahuas thrive onbeing the center of attention, sowhen a new baby joins the family,your Chi will need a lot of extraattention, support and love, so shewill know you’ve got more thanenough love for all the little creaturesin your family.0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 4 AM Pa g e 1 8 T H E S E C R E T I S O U T I 19Chis are lovable dogs who simplywish to spend their days playingand cuddling with their owners. 0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 5 AM Pa g e 1 9 20 IC H I H U A H U A0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 9 / 0 9 8 : 3 8 AM Pa g e 2 0 B R E E D P R O F I L E I 21ACHI CHARTThe world’s smallest dog has a big personality. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: MexicoWHAT HIS FRIENDS CALL HIM: Chi, Tiny, Señor, Perro SIZE: 6 to 9 inches tall at the shoulders, weighing 2 to 6 poundsCOAT & COLOR: Chihuahua’s coats can come in two vari-eties: long or smooth. Long coats are soft, flat or slightlycurly with an undercoat with a large ruff on the neck andfeathering on the tail, feet and legs. Smooth coats are soft,glossy and have straight hair. Any color is permissible, butthe most common are red, sable, fawn, black and tan, tri-color and brindle. PERSONALITY TRAITS: These dogs are alert, sensitive andspirited. They are great companions, which makes themideal for individuals. WITH KIDS: Chihuahuas may not be great with children atfirst; they require socialization to be comfortable aroundthem. Children also will need to be taught how to handlethe dog appropriately. WITH OTHER PETS: Chihuahuas work best with other ChisENERGY LEVEL: lowEXERCISE NEEDS: Their needs are not extensive: dailywalks, playing and the occasional shopping trip.GROOMING NEEDS: weekly brushing. Sometimes moregrooming is needed for long-coat Chis. TRAINING NEEDS: Chihuahuas are trainable, but be cautiousof their delicate bodies when teaching them new things. LIVING ENVIRONMENT: These toy dogs make great apart-ment companions, especially for an individual, or a seden-tary or elderly adult.LIFESPAN: Chihuahuas live well into their teen years. 0 0 6 x 0 2 1 Te mp 1 . q x p 9 / 1 / 0 9 8 : 5 5 AM Pa g e 2 1 22 IC H I H U A H U ATOY DOG CHAPTER2022x033 Hi s t or y 2. qxp 9/ 1 / 09 9: 05 AM Page 22 T O Y D O G T A L E S I 23Twas developing centuries ago, modern his-torians can recreate its origins with somedegree of accuracy. Stone carvings, clay figures and mummi-fied remains unearthed at archeologicaldigs in Central America provide a frame-work from which breeders and fanciersenthusiastically conjecture the Chihuahua’shistory. Folklore and facts throughout thisbreed’s history create several possibilities.Those competing theories will probablynever be entirely settled, but if the Chihua-hua were keeping his own oral history, itmight go something like this …he Chihuahua may be small, buthe’s not short on history. Thisminiature breed has a rich andcolorful past. Although nobody thought tokeep written accounts of the breed as itONCE UPON A TIMEThe three major pre-Columbian civiliza-tions — the Maya, the Toltec and the Aztec —all show evidence of a close association witha small, sandy-colored dog who is most likelythe progenitor of the modern Chihuahua. Theexact origins and genetic make up of thesedogs are the subject of much hypothesis.These dogs mingled in various degrees withthe Xoloitzcuintli, a small, hairless, localbreed. The Xoloitzcuintli originated in Asia TALESThe Chihuahua isthe world’s smallestdog. The tinybreed comes insmooth and long-coat varieties. Did YouKnow?022x033 Hi s t or y 2. qxp 9/ 1 / 09 9: 05 AM Page 23 and is suspected to be the forerunner of theChinese Crested and other early canine vari-eties who moved to Central and SouthAmerica via Mediterranean trade routes fromthe Middle East. The earliest definitive evidence that anancient dog resembling the Chihuahuaexisted was discovered at Toltecan archeo-logical sites. The Toltec were an indigenousMesoamerican people who established anextensive empire in the 10th century. Theyinhabited the land extendi...