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World Military Aviation Aircraft, Airforces and Weaponry_部分1


内容提示: WORLDMILITARYAVIATIONAircraft, Airforces & WeaponryhN Krivinyi WORLDr810.00RY AVIATIONAIRCRAF-., AIRFORCESAND WEAPONSWorld Military Aviation is the complete andup-to-date record ofmilitaryaircraft,withdetailedandillustratedscale drawings.all the world's currenteverywithaeroplanethree-viewAll the servicethe latest Soviet MiG25 interceptor (capableof a speed of Mach 3 at altitude) to the newAmerican Grumman F14A Tomcat', whichis still undergoing trials, and to those WorldWar 2 aeroplanesant nations througho...

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WORLDMILITARYAVIATIONAircraft, Airforces & WeaponryhN Krivinyi WORLDr810.00RY AVIATIONAIRCRAF-., AIRFORCESAND WEAPONSWorld Military Aviation is the complete andup-to-date record ofmilitaryaircraft,withdetailedandillustratedscale drawings.all the world's currenteverywithaeroplanethree-viewAll the servicethe latest Soviet MiG25 interceptor (capableof a speed of Mach 3 at altitude) to the newAmerican Grumman F14A Tomcat', whichis still undergoing trials, and to those WorldWar 2 aeroplanesant nations throughout the world.aircraft are described, fromstill used by less import-World Military A/iationsections:is divided into twoAirforces126organisation, aircraft types and quanti-ties, manpower, etc.andairpowerairforcessurveysdetailsnationalandAircraftaeroplanesbomberscraft and trainers. Informationvidedondimensions,armament, andfigures, types and variants, etc. Addi-tional material covers the markings oftheworld'sairforcesroundels and insignia), plus details ofarmament (cannon, air-to-ground mis-air-to-airrocket packs, bombs, and torpedos).detailsfromtohelicopters,overinterceptors320militaryandlightliaisonis pro-performance,productionpayload,(with201siles,missiles,multipleWorld Military Aviationreferencevolume,latest informationis a new and basiccontainingtheveryo>OOmOver 800 individual o,/vings WORLDMILITARYAVIATIONAircraft, Airforces & Weaponry WORLDMILITARYAVIATIONAircraft, Airforces & WeaponryEdited byNikolaus Krivinyiin collaboration withFranz Kosar and Johann KroupaIllustrated by Franz GruberTranslated by Elke C WealArco Publishing Company Inc. New YorkL PublishedArco219 Park Avenue South, New York,N.Y.10003©1972Revisions and corrections©Munchen. 1973EnglishlanguageLeventhal Limited, 1973byPublishing Company.Inc.J. F. Lehmanns Verlag. Munchen.J. F. Lehmanns Verlag,edition ©LionelUpdated and revised fromTaschenbuch Der Luftflotten.Librarv of Congress Catalog CardNumber 73-83713ISBN0-66S-03360-6Allpublication may be reproduced,storedin aretrieval system, ortransmitted in any form by anymeans electrical, mechanical orotherwise, withoutwritten permission of the copyrightowner and of the publisher.rights reserved. No part of thisfirst seeking thePrinted in Great Britain byLowe & Brydone (Printers) Ltd., Thetford, Norfolk ContentsIntroductionAirforcesThe world's 126 airforces with individual strengths, aircraft types and bases.Abu DhabiAfghanistanAlbaniaAlgeriaArgentineAustraliaAustriaBahreinBangla DeshBelgiumBoliviaBrazilBruneiBulgariaBurmaCambodiaCameroonCanadaCentral African RepublicCeylon (Sri Lanka)ChadChileChinaChina (Taiwan)ColombiaCongo (Brazzaville)Congo (Kinshasa)Costa RicaCubaCyprusCzechoslovakiaDahomeyDenmarkDominican RepublicEcuadorEgypt (UAR)El SalvadorEthiopiaFinlandFranceGabonGermany (East)22NigerAircraftAircraftdimensionsandperformancemanufacture, with 321 three-view drawings.WeaponryMissiles, bombs, guns and torpedoes in service with the world's airpowers.Glossary&AbbreviationsInsigniaRoundel and fin flash designs, as used by the world's airforces.IndexIndex of numerical designations and popular names of aircraft.11121212127Germany (West)GhanaGreat BritainGreeceGuatemalaGuineaGuyanaHaitiHondurasHungaryIcelandIndiaIndonesiaIranIraqIrelandIsraelItalyIvory CoastJapanJordanKenyaKorea (North)Korea (South)KuwaitLaosLebanonLibyaMadagascar (Malagasy)MalawiMalaysiaMaliMaltaMauritaniaMexicoMongolian People's RepublicMoroccoNepalNetherlandsNew ZealandNicaragua7778910101010(Eire)13311414141415151616161717171718181818191919202021222323252525262626262626272829292930313132323233333334343435353535353536363637373838NigeriaNorwayOmanPakistanPanamaParaguayPeruPhilippinesPolandPortugalQatarRhodesiaRuandaRumaniaSaudi-ArabiaSenegalSingaporeSomaliSouth AfricaSouth YemenSoviet UnionSpainSudanSwedenSwitzerlandSyriaTanzaniaThailandTogoTunisiaTurkeyUgandaUnitedUpper VoltaUruguayVenezuelaVietnam (North)Vietnam (South)YemenYugoslaviaZaireZambia383839393939404041414242424243434343444444454646474748484949495050535353545455555555Statesarrangedalphabeticallywithin56countryof213218219222 IntroductionThe world balance of power fluxes and changes,and so does the role of aircraft in modern war-is a tendency among the N.A.T.O.fare. Therecountries to decrease theandsize oftheir presenttechnicalstrategicsuperiorityoverthecountries of the Eastern Blocs because of thevery high costs involved. Time will tell whetherthis trusting act at a time of detente is realistic.Whilethemajorpowerstalkofreducingtheir Air ForceMiddle Eastern and Africanpresent involved in their own individual armsAmericaequipment, much of it of World War II vintage,with the most up-to-date the world canThe volatile situation in the Middle East neces-sitates the purchase of sophisticated equipmentby the countries involved—who in some casesare finding that without massive foreign aid andsizes, the Latin-American, thecountries areatraces.Latiniscurrentlyreplacingoffer.foreign pilots the aircraft cannot be kept in theair. The Africanmature, appear to feel that their weaponry muststates, as they become morealso be equal to the sophisticated nations, andwith the increasing uneasiness of that continentthey may well find themselves having to employtheir new purchases. Howeverwhether some of these countries have theit seems doubtfulskillto even maintain theirand will not be able to actually use their costlyequipment without support from the West orSoviet Bloc. The expenditure of large sums onequipment which cannot be useding new when national prideThebalanceof power betweenUnion and China is hardly likely to alter in thecoming years. Chinaaircraft on the groundis, alas, noth-is at stake.theSovietis only very slowly estab-lishing herself in the field of technical develop-ment—particularlyequipment.Itisinterestingprototypes which wereDomodedowoAirShowappeared in the operational units of the Sovietairforce. Asintermsofhigh-qualitythatthoseSovietunveiledatthe1967havenotasyetit seems unlikely that these typeswill be on the production line in the near future,they were not included inthis volume, whichis complete inits coverage of aeroplanes andhelicopters operational at the present time.Some years agowars wouldit was put forward that bythe1970sbeonlyfoughtwithrockets alone. But this is demonstrably notso.Aircraftmajor part in warfare, as shown by the conflictsofall typesstill continueto play ain Vietnam and the Middle East, where withouttheandairsuperiority maintained bythere maythe U.S.A.Israelhavebeencompletelydifferent military conclusions.Meanwhilethemodern war is ever increasing. Today consider-sophistication(andcost)ofable importance is attached to precise air recon-naissance andElectronic-Counter-Measuresall modern operations. New weapons, such asguided missiles and 'smart bombs', can be em-inployedoperations andeffectivelyagainstlargescaleguerillain standard conventional warssuch1971; but become next to useless against smallraids and sabotage groups, which to some extentseems to be the pattern of conflict for the mid-1970s (such as Northern Ireland, Mozambique,asthe Indo-Pakistan warsof 1965 andetc.).Atpresent V.T.O.L.projects, even thoughexpensive, are under strong consideration by themajor powers, with both the U.S.A. and GreatBritain employing the Harrier strike fighter. Inthe near future the U.S.S.R. could well have inservice asimilaraircraft onits newaircraftcarriers, and Great Britain will be using a ver-sion of the Harrier onDeck Cruisers.The swing-wing developments (F-lll, MirageG and MiG-23) are again expensive and up tonowhavenotprovedits proposed Throughentirelysuccessful,asillustrated by the unsatisfactory performance ofthethough the swing-wing plane will yet again havea new lease of life as with Great Britain, WestGermany andItalycontinuethe M.R.C.A.F-l 1 1in Vietnam.Itseems, however,asdevelopmentof AirforcesABU DHABIAir force (Abu Dhabian Air force)men 800squadrons 4operational aircraft 31 andhelicopters 8Organisation1 strike fighter squadron with Mirage 51 strike fighter squadron with Hunter FGA.76 andFR.76A1 transport squadron with DHC-4 and BN-21 helicopter squadron with Alouette III and S.A.330Major basesAbu Dhabi, SharjahMilitary training aid fromGreat BritainEquipmentFighters and strike fighters12 Dassault Mirage 59 Hawker Hunter FGA.761 Hawker Hunter T.76AReconnaissance aircraft1 Hawker Hunter FR.76ATransports4 DeHavilland Canada DHC-44 Britten-Norman BN-2Helicopters5 Adrospatiale Alouette ni3 Aerospatiale S.A.330Army6,000 menNavy200 menAFGHANISTANAir forcemen 5,000squadrons 11operational aircraft 146 andhelicopters 24Organisation2 fighter squadrons with MiG-211 fighter squadron with MiG-193 strike fighter squadrons with MiG-171 strike fighter squadron with Su-71 bomber squadron with 11-282 transport squadrons with 11-141 helicopter squadron with Mi-4-trainer squadrons with Yak-11 and Yak-18fighter and strike fighter squadrons each with 12-15aircraftMajor basesHerat, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Pagram,Sherpur, ShindandMilitary training aid fromSoviet UnionForeign Air Forces in AfghanistanSoviet UnionEquipmentFighters and strike fighters45 Mikoyan MiG-1712 Mikoyan MiG-1930 Mikoyan MiG-2112 Sukhoi Su-7Bombers10 Ilyushin 11-28Transports10 Antonov An-225 Ilyushin 11-142 Byushin 11-18Helicopters6 Mil Mi-118 Mil Mi-4Trainersapprox 45Mikoyan MiG-15UTIProgrammeReplacementMiG-21 and Sukhoi Su-7 strike fightersArmy80,000 menArmy AviationThe Air Force is a component part of the ArmyALBANIAaircraft,inc Yakovlev Yak-11and Yak-18,offurther Mikoyan MiG-17 by MikoyanAir forcemen 4,000squadrons 8operational aircraft 65 andhelicopters 10Organisationfighter squadron with F-8 (MiG-21)fighter squadron with F-6 (MiG-19)2 strike fighter squadrons with F-4 (MiG-17)2 strike fighter squadrons with MiG-15transport squadron with An-2 and 11-14helicopter squadron with Mi-1 and Mi-4Fighter and strike fighter squadrons each with 10-12aircraftMajor basesBerat/Kucove, Durazzo/Shiyak, Tirana, ValonaMilitary training aid fromChinaEquipmentFighters and strike fighters20 Mikoyan MiG-1515 Shenyang F^l (MiG-17)10 Shenyang F-6 (MiG-19)10 Shenyang F-8 (MiG-21)Transports3 Antonov An-23 Ilyushin 11-14Helicopters2 Mil Mi-18 Mil Mi-4TrainersYakovlev Yak-11 and Yak-18; Mikoyan MiG-15UTIProgrammeReplacement of Mikoyan MiG-15 and MiG-17 strikefighters by 25-30 Shenyang F-8 (MiG-21)Army35,000 menNavy3,000 menALGERIA1111Air forcemen 4,000squadrons 16operational aircraft 130 andhelicopters 50Organisation3 fighter squadrons with MiG-21F3 strike fighter squadrons with MiG-172 strike fighter squadrons with MiG-152 bomber squadrons with 11-281 transport squadron with An-12 and 11-183 helicopter squadrons with Mi-42 helicopter squadrons with S.A. 330fighter, strike fighter and bomber squadrons each with 10-12 aircraftMajor basesAlgiers, Biskra, Boufarak, Dar-el-Beider, Maison Blanche,Marine,Mers-el-Kebir,Oran,Sidi-bel-AbbesMilitary training fromEgypt (UAR), France, Soviet UnionEquipmentFighters and strike fighters20 Mikoyan MiG-1540 Mikoyan MiG-1736 Mikoyan MiG-21F and MiG-21UTIBombers20 Ilyushin 11-28Transports8 Antonov An-123 Byushin 11-18Helicopters20 Aerospatiale SA.33030 Mil Mi-4Trainers55-60aircraft,inc Yakovlev Yak-11, Yakovlev Yak-18,Mikoyan M2 Army53,000 men3 Navy3,200 menARGENTINEOukar,Paul-Cazelles,;G-15UTI, 26 Potez-Air Fouga CM. 170Air force (Fuerza Aerea Argentina)men 21,000squadrons 11operational aircraft 170 andhelicopters 26Organisation1 strike fighter squadron with Mirage IIIEA1 strike fighter squadron with F-86F1 strike fighter squadron with A-4P1 strike fighter squadron with A-4F1 bomber squadron with Canberra B.621 transport squadron with F.271 transport squadron with C-130E and DC-61 transport squadron with C-471 transport squadron with DHC-61 helicopter squadron with OH-6A1 helicopter squadron with UH-1H- trainer squadrons with T-28A- trainer squadrons with T-34B-trainer squadrons with M.S. 760Major basesChamical,ComodorePlumerillo, MardelReconquista,RioGallegos,ReynoldsMilitary training aid fromUnited States (?)EquipmentFighters and strike fighters10 Dassault Mirage IIIEA2 Dassault Mirage IIIDA25 McDonnell Douglas A-4P16 McDonnell Douglas A-4F20 North American F-86FBombers9 English Electric Canberra B.622 English Electric Canberra T.64Transports6 Beechcraft C-454 Canadair CC-10620 DeHavilland Dove5 DeHavilland Canada DHC-610 Douglas C^*73 Douglas DC-620 FMA I.A. 50Fokker-VFW F.271 Fokker-VFW F.281 Hawker Siddeley H.S.748Rivadavia,Plata. Mendoza, Moron, Parana,SantaFe,ElPalomar,ElTandil,Villa115 Lockheed C-130ELiaison and reconnaissance aircraftapprox 35 aircraft, inc Beechcraft Bonanza, 30 (?) Cessna182,1Cessna320, and3DHC-2Helicopters3 Bell 47G1 Bell 47J8 Bell UH-1H12 Hughes OH-6A2 Hughes 500MTrainers25 Beechcraft T-34B35 FMA I.A. 3512 Morane-Saulnier M.S. 76024 North American T-28AProgramme3 further Lockheed C-130 transports and 6 AerospatialeS.A. 315B helicopters on order, purchase of 80 furtherDassault MirageIIIstrike80 FMA I.A. 58 Pucara ground-attack aircraft planned.50 FMA LA. 58 are reportedly already on order.Army85,000 menArmy Aviation (Comando de Aviacion Ejercito)-men- squadrons50 operational aircraft and 12 helicoptersOrganisation(?) De Havilland Canadafighters and production ofEquipmentHelicopters6 Bell UH-1H6 Fairchild-HiUer FH-1100Liaison and AOP aircraft2 Cessna 31013 Cessna U-17A4 Piper Apache7 Piper L-21ATransportsapprox 25 aircraft, inc 14 (?) Aero Turbo Commander3 Beechcraft C-453 DeHavilland Canada DHC-6ProgrammeAquisition of additionalhelicopters and phasing out offixed-wingaircraftDeHavilland Canada DHC-6 transports.Navy34,000 men1 aircraft carrierNaval Aviation (Comando de Aviacion Naval)3,000 men8 squadrons80 operational aircraft and26 helicoptersOrganisation1 strike fighter squadron with A-4Q1 ground-attack squadron with MB.326K1 ground-attack squadron with T-28D1 maritime reconnaissance and ASW squadron withSP-2H1 maritime reconnaissance and ASW squadron with S-2A1 transport squadron with C-47 and C-541 helicopter squadron with S-61D-41 helicopter squadron with Bell 47 and Alouette IIIMajor BasesCommandante Espora, Ezeiza, Puerto Belgrano,Punta de Indio, Trelew, UshuaiaEquipmentFighters and strike fighters16 McDonnell Douglas A^QGround-attack aircraft12 Aermacchi MB.326K20 North American T-28D FennecMaritime reconnaissance and ASW aircraft3 Grumman HU-16B6 Grumman S-2Aallwiththeexceptionof38 4 Lockheed SP-2HTransportsapprox 20 (?) aircraft, inc Beechcraft C-451 DeHavilland Canada DHC-68 (?) Douglas C-472 Douglas C-54D1 FMA I.A.502 Hawker Siddeley H.S.I 25/400Liaison and AOP aircraft2 DeHavilland Canada DHC-23 Fairchild-Hiller (Pilatus) PC-6AHelicopters4 Aerospatiale Alouette III6 Bell 47D6 Bell 47G and J6 Hughes 500M4 Sikorsky S-61D-4Trainersapprox 20 aircraft, inc Beechcraft T-l 12 (?) Grumman TF-9J12 (?) North American T-6Gsome North American T-28AProgramme2 Westland Lynx HAS.2 helicopters on orderCoast guard (Prefecture Nacional Maritima)8,000 menTransports5 Short Skyvan 3MHelicopters1 Bell 47G2 Bell 47J6 Hughes 500MAircraft factoriesFMA (Fabrica Militar de Aviones), known as DINFIAin period 1957-1968AUSTRALIAAir force (Royal Australian Air Force)men 22,500squadrons 15operational aircraft 211 andhelicopters 61Organisation2 strike fighter squadrons with Mirage IIIOA2 strike fighter squadrons with Mirage IIIOF2 strike fighter squadrons with F-l 1 1C1 maritime reconnaissance and ASW squadron with P-3B1 maritime reconnaissance and ASW squadron withSP-2H2 transport squadrons with DHC-41 transport squadron with C-130A1 transport squadron with C-l 30E1 transport squadron with BAC 1-11, Falcon, H.S.748 and0471 helicopter squadron with UH-1B and UH-1D1 helicopter squadron with UH-1H- trainer squadrons with CA-25 and Vampire T.35- trainer squadrons with MB.326HMajor basesAmberley,Brisbane,Edinburgh,Fairbarn, Learmonth (?), Pearce, Richmond, Townsville,WilliamtownEquipmentFighters and strike fighters40 Dassault (Commonwealth CA-29) Mirage IIIOF45 Dassault Mirage IIIOA15 Dassault Mirage HID24 General Dynamics F-111CMaritime reconnaissance and ASW aircraft10 Lockheed SP-2H10 Lockheed P-3BTransports2 BAC 1-113 Dassault Falcon 203 DeHavilland Canada DHC-322 DeHavilland Canada DHC-410 Douglas C-47Darwin,EastSale,2 Hawker Siddeley H.S.748C.212 Lockheed C-130A12 Lockheed C-l 30EHelicopters18 Bell UH-IB2 Bell UH-1D29 Bell UH-1H12 Boeing Vertol CH^t7CTrainers75 Aermacchi MB.326H30 Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel30 DeHavilland Vampire T.358 Hawker Siddeley H.S.748T.2ProgrammeReplacement of Lockheed SP-2H reconnaissance aircraftby 10 (8 ?) Lockheed P-3C or Hawker Siddeley NimrodMR.l, of Lockheed C-130A transports by 12 LockheedC-130E, of Commonwealth CA-25 trainers by 37 AESLAirtrainer CT.4.order.Army31,000 menArmy Aviation (Australian Army Aviation Corps)-men3 squadrons28 operation aircraft and105 helicoptersOrganisation3 (?) helicopter squadrons with OH-58B and Bell 47GEquipmentHelicopters30 Bell 47G-375 (55 ?) Bell OH-58BLiaison and reconnaissance aircraft16 Cessna 18012 Pilatus PC-6AProgrammeReplacementofBell 47Ghelicopters by11 GAF Nomadtransports on1973/74Navy17,000 men1 aircraft carrierNaval Aviation (Royal Australian Navy, Fleet Air Arm)1,500 men4 squadrons26 operational aircraft and26 helicoptersOrganisation1 strike fighter squadron with A-4G1 maritime reconnaissance and ASW squadron with S-2E1 helicopter squadron with UH-1D and UH-1B1 helicopter squadron with Wessex Mk. 311 trainer squadron with MB.326HEquipmentFighters and strike fighters8 McDonnell Douglas A-4G2 McDonnell Douglas TA-4GMaritime reconnaissance and ASW aircraft14 Grumman S-2ETransports2 Hawker Siddeley H.S.748Helicopters1 Bell UH-1B4 Bell UH-1D1 Westland Scout20 Westland Wessex Mk. 3 IBTrainersapprox25aircraft,incDeHavillandSeaVenomVampire T.34ProgrammePhasingoutof DeHavillandVampireT.34trainers.Wessexhelicopters by10 Westlandfrom1974.Procurement of furtherKing planned12 further Bell UH-1H helicopters onBell OH-58B.delivery fromorder,10AermacchiFAW.53,MB.326H,DeHavillandSea Venom FAW.53 andReplacementSea King Mk.5015 Westland SeaofWestland9 Aircraft factoriesCA (Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation)GAF (Government Aircraft Factories)AUSTRIAAir force (Osterreichische Luftstreitkrafte)men 3.500squadrons 6operational aircraft 2 andhelicopters 58Organisation1 transport squadron with Skyvan 3M and DHC-21 helicopter squadron with AB.206A2 helicopter squadrons with AB.204B1 helicopter squadron with Alouette II1 helicopter squadron with Alouette III3 trainer squadrons with Saab 105 OE1 trainer squadron with Saab 911 trainer squadron with CM. 170The Saabin the ground-attack roleMajor basesGraz-Thale-hof. Langenlebarn, Linz-Horsching. ZeltwegMilitary training aids fromSwedenEquipmentTransports2 Short Skyvan 3MLiaison and AOP aircraft18 Cessna O-lA and E2 DeHavilland Canada DHC-2Helicopters10 Aerospatiale Alouette II12 Aerospatiale Alouette III22 Agusta-Bell AB.204B12 Agusta-Bell AB.206A2 Sikorsky S-65 OETrainers16 Saab 91D38 Saab 105 OEProgrammeFormation of one fighter squadron with Northrop F-5E?Phasing out of Cessna O-lDHC-2AlouetteIIhelicopters.Purchase(8 Aerospatiale AlouetteSikorsky S-650E?) and an additional Short Skyvan 3Mtransport?Army36,000 menBAHREINArmed ForcesPolice force only with 2 Westland Scout helicopters.BANGLA DESHAir force- men- squadrons- operational aircraft and4 helicoptersOrganisationD105 OE trainer squadrons are also to be usedand DeHavilland Canadaaircraft and of Aerospatialeof newIII, 6 Agusta-Bell AB.206A.liaison and AOPhelicopters1BasesChittagong. Comilla, Tezgaon (Dacca), JessoreMilitary training aid fromIndia. Soviet UnionEquipmentTransport1 DeHavilland Canada DHC-4Liaison and AOP aircraftSome aircraft, type unknownHelicopters3 Aerospatiale Alouette III2 Westland Wessex H.U. Mk. 5ProgrammeFormation of one strike fighter squadron (with 108 Mikoyan MiG-21F and 2 MiG-21UTI)10Army-menNavy- menBELGIUMAir force (Force Aerienne Beige, Belgische Luchtmacht)men 20.000squadrons 11operation aircraft 215 andhelicopters 8Organisation2 fighter squadrons with F-104G2 strike fighter squadrons with F-104G3 strike fighter squadrons with Mirage 5-BA1 reconnaissance squadron with Mirage 5-BR1 transport squadron with C-130H1 transport squadron with C-47 and DC-61 helicopter squadron with S-58C and H-34A- trainer squadrons with SF.260MB- trainer squadrons with CM. 1701 trainer squadron with T-33Afighter, strike-fighter and reconnaissance squadrons eachwith 18 aircraftMajor basesBeauvechain, Bierset, Florennes, Kleine, Brogel, MelsbroekEquipmentFighters and strike fighters62 Dassault Mirage 5-BA16 Dassault Mirage 5-BD70 Lockheed F-104G9 Lockheed TF-104GReconnaissance aircraft26 Dassault Mirage 5-BRTransport1 Dassault Falcon 205 Douglas C-474 Douglas DC-6some Fairchild C-119Gsome (9?) Hunting Pembroke12 Lockheed C-130HHelicopters4 Sikorsky H-34A4 Sikorsky S-58CTrainers12 Lockheed T-33A35 Potez-Air Fouga CM. 17035 SIAI-Marchetti SF.260MBProgrammePhasing out of Faircrild C-119C transports.2 Dassault Falcon 20 crew trainers on order.Purchase of12Skyvan 3M) under consideration.for Potez-Air Fouga CM. 170 trainer (Dassault-DornierAlphastrikefighter(DassaultMirageCobraor Saab37?).Licence-production105ment of Sikorsky H-34A and S-58C helicopters by 6Westland Sea King?Army66,000 menArmy aviation (Aviation Legere de la Force Terrestre)- men4 squadrons5 (?) operational aircraft and80 helicoptersOrganisation4 helicopter squadrons with Alouette IIEquipmentHelicopters80 Aerospatiale Alouette IILiaison and AOP aircraftsome Dornier Do-27DNavy4,200 menNaval Aviation5 helicopterslight transports (IAI-201 Arava or ShortSeeking replacementsJet or Saab 105G?). and for Lockheed F-104GFl,NorthropP.530of33 Saabtrainers by SABCA under consideration. Replace- 3 A6rospatiale Alouette III and2 Sikorsky S-58CAircraft factoriesSABCA Fairey, (Societ6 Anonyme Beige de ConstructionsAeronautiques Fairey)BOLIVIAAir force (Fuerza Aerea Boliviana)men 1,800squadrons 5operational aircraft 35 andhelicopters 15Organisation1 ground-attack squadron with F-51D1 ground-attack squadron with T-28A2 transport squadrons with C-47 and Convair 4401 liaison squadron with Cessna 1851 helicopter squadron with Hughes 500M- trainer squadrons with T-6GBasesCharana, Colcapima, El Tejar, El Trompillo, La Florida,La Paz, Puerto Suarez, Santa CruzMilitary training aid fromUnited StatesEquipmentGround-attack aircraft10 North American (Cavalier) F-51DTransportsome Beechcraft C-456 Convair 44012 Douglas C-471 Douglas C-54Liaison and AOP aircraft6 Cessna 1727 Cessna 185Helicopters3 Hiller OH-23D12 Hughes 500MTrainers13 Lockheed T-33A-N13 North American T-6G4 (10?) North American T-28AProgrammeAquisition of modern strike fighters18 Embraer EMB-326-GB (Aermacchi MB.326GB)trainers on orderArmy20,000 menBRAZIL__Air force (Forca Aerea Brasileira)men 30,000squadrons 17operational aircraft 190helicopters 41Organisation1 strike fighter squadron with Mirage IIIEBR1 strike fighter squadron with A-4F3 ground-attack squadrons with MB.326GB and T-331 bomber squadron with B-26K1 maritime reconnaissance squadron with HU-16A1 maritime reconnaissance and ASW squadron with P-2E1 maritime reconnaissance and ASW squadron with S-2Aand CS2F-11 transport squadron with C-130E2 transport squadrons with DHC-52 transport squadrons with C-^17, C-54 and DC-6B1 transport squadron with C-119G1 transport squadron with BAC 1-11, H.S.I 25, H.S.748and Viscount3 liaison squadrons with C^2/L-42 and O-IE1 helicopter squadron with UH-1D and Bell 206- trainer squadrons with T-23- trainer squadrons with T-37CMajor BasesAnapolis,Balterra, Belem, Cachijo, Combica, Fortaleaza,Galeat, Guarantiqueta, Jacreacanga, Natal, Porto Alegre,ARecife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Santa Cruz, Santarem,Sao PauloMilitary training aid fromUnited StatesEquipmentFighters and strike fighters12 Dassault Mirage IIIEBR4 Dassault Mirage IIIDBR15 McDonnell Douglas A-4FBombers15 Douglas (On Mark) B-26KMaritime reconnaissance and ASW aircraft8 Convair PBY-5A12 Grumman HU-16A10 Grumman S-2A and CS2F-18 Lockheed P-2ETransports2 BAC 1-11some Beechcraft C-4524 DeHavilland Canada DHC-530 Douglas C^75 Douglas C-544 Douglas DC-6B12 Fairchild C-119G10 Hawker Siddeley H.S.1256 Hawker Siddeley H.S.74810 Lockheed C-130E2 Vickers ViscountLiaison and AOP aircraftapprox 60 aircraft, inc Cessna O-IE, 40 Neiva C-42 andL-^2, 5 Pilatus PC-£Helicopters10 Bell 47G5 Bell 48J7 Bell 206A6 Bell UH-1D8 Bell UH-1H5 Bell SH-1DTrainersapprox300aircraft,inc70T-37C,30 Embraer-Aermacchi MB.326GB, 60 FokkerS.ll andS.12,15 Lockheed T-33, 50 North AmericanT-6G,18 North American T-28C, Pilatus P-3, 7 Potez-AirFouga CM.170-2ProgrammeFurther30DassaultMiragereportedlyalreadyonorder.fighter squadrons with 48 Northrop F-5E. Replacementof Lockheed P-2E maritime reconnaissance and ASWaircraft by 8 Breguet Br. 11 50 or Lockheed P-3C from1973/74. 80 Embraer Bandeirante transports on order.Foreign-built trainers to be replaced by Brazilian-builtmachinesfrom1972/73:MB.326GB(TF.26Xavante)trainersdeliveredor onorder. The MB.326GBreplacetheLockheedT-33Asquadrons.Army120,000 menNavy44,350 men1 aircraft carrierNaval Aviation (Forca Aeronatale)-men3 squadrons36 helicoptersOrganisation1 ASW squadron with SH-3D and SH-34G1 helicopter squadron with Whirlwind 31 helicopter squadron with FH-1100EquipmentHelicopters6 Fairchild-Hiller FH-11009 Hughes 2694 Sikorsky SH-3D5 Sikorsky SH-34J3 Westland Wasp AS.lAerotecT-23,40CessnaIIIEBRFormationstrikefightersstrikeof4112Embraer-Aermacchi150NeivaandT-25istointheground-attack11 7 Westland Whirlwind 3The shipboard ASW squadron with S-2A and CS2F-1subordinated to the Air Force.Programme30 Aerospatiale SA.341 helicopters on order, deliveryfrom 1974.Aircraft factoriesAerotec, Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de AeronauticaSA), NeivaBRUNEIisAir forcePart of the ArmyArmy- menArmy Aviation (Askar Melaya Diraja Brunei)-men2 squadrons1 operational aircraft and8 helicoptersOrganisation1 helicopter squadron with Bell 205A and Bell 2121 helicopter « ;uadron with Bell 206AEquipmentHelicopters2 Bell 205A4 Bell 206A2 Bell 212Transport1 Hawker Siddeley H.S.748BULGARIAAir forcemen 22,000squadrons 18operational aircraft 165 andhelicopters 40Organisation3 fighter squadrons with MiG-213 fighter squadrons with MiG-194 strike fighter squadrons with MiG-172 reconnaissance squadrons with MiG-17 and 11-282 transport squadrons with 11-14, 11-12 and Li-21 transport squadron with An-23 helicopter squadrons with Mi-4-trainer squadrons with Yak-11 and Yak-18-trainer squadrons with L-29 and MiG-15UTIFighter, strike fighter and reconnaissance squadrons eachwith 10-12 aircraftMajor basesBalchik, Burgas, Ignatiev, Karlovo, Plovdiv, Sofia,Tolbuchin, YambolMilitary training aid fromSoviet UnionEquipmentFighters and strike fighters40-45 Mikoyan MiG-1730 Mikoyan MiG-1940 Mikoyan MiG-21 and MiG-21UTIBombers8-10 Ilyushin 11-28Reconnaissance aircraft15-20 Mikoyan MiG-17Transports8 Antonov An-26 Ilyushin 11-1210 Ilyushin 11-144 Ilyushin 11-181-2 Li-2 (Soviet copy of Douglas C-47)Liaison and AOP aircraftsome L-60 and PZL-104Helicopters10 Mil Mi-130 Mil Mi-4Trainersapprox 100 aircraft, inc Aero L-29, Yakovlev Yak-11 andYak-18, Mikoyan MiG-15UTIProgrammeRe-equipment of further Mikoyan MiG-17 strike fightersquadrons with Mikoyan MiG-21, replacement of MilMi-4 helicopters by Mil Mi-8Army117,000 menNavy9,000 menNaval Aviation6 Mil Mi-4 and Mi-1 helicoptersBURMAAir force (Union of Burma Air Force)men 6,500squadrons 6operational aircraft 28 andhelicopters 38Organisation1 strike fighter squadron with F-86F1 transport squadron with DHC-31 transport squadron with C-471 liaison squadron with U-17A1 helicopter squadron with Alouette III1 helicopter squadron with HH-43B1 helicopter squadron with Bell 47G- trainer squadrons with DHC-1 and Provost T.531 trainer squadron with T-33 and Vampire T.55Major basesHmawbi, Kengtung, Mandalay, Meiktila, Mingaladon(Rangoon), MyitkyinaMilitary training aid fromUnited StatesEquipmentFighters and strike fighters12 North American F-86FTransports4 Beechcraft C^56 DeHavilland Canada DHC-36 Douglas C-47Liaison and AOP aircraft10 Cessna U-17AHelicopters13 Aerospatiale Alouette III9 Kaman HH-43B13 Kawasaki-Bell 47G3 Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107Trainers10 DeHavilland Canada DHC-13 DeHavilland Vampire T.5530 Hunting Provost T.5310 Lockheed T-33Army130,000 menNavy7,000 menCAMBODIAAir force (Aviation Nationale Khmer)men 2,500squadrons 4operational aircrait 60(?) andhelicopters 20Organisation1 ground-attack squadron with A-l1 night ground-support squadron with AC-471 transport squadron with C-471 liaison squadron with 0-11 helicopter squadron with UH-1D1 trainer squadron with T-37B1 trainer squadron with T-6GBasesBattambang, Pochentong (Pnom Penh), Seam ReapMilitary training aid fromUnited States, Vietnam (South)EquipmentGround-attack aircraft18(?) Douglas A-l12 some North American T-28DNight ground support aircraft6 Douglas AC-4714 Helio AU-24ATransports2 Antonov An-2some(?) Dassault M.D.31512 Douglas C-Al1 Douglas C-541 Ilyushin 11-14Liaison and AOP aircraft10 Cessna 0-12 DeHavilland Canada DHC-2Helicopters2 Aerospatiale Alouette II18 Bell UH-1DTrainers6 Cessna T-37B and T-37C6(?) North American T-6G2(?) Potez-Air Fouga CM. 170ProgrammeFormation of new ground-attack squadrons (with CessnaA-37?) and helicopter squadrons with Bell UH-1Army175,000 menNavy1,600 menCAMEROONAir forcemen 3,000squadrons—operational aircraft 3 andhelicopter1OrganisationBaseBanguiMilitary aid fromFranceEquipmentTransports1 Douglas C-472 DeHavilland Canada DHC-4Liaison and AOP aircraft2 Max Holste M.H.1521MHelicopter1 Aerospatiale Alouette IIArmy3,000 menNavy200 menCANADAAir forcemen 34,000squadrons 14operational aircraft 338 andhelicopters 6Organisation3 fighter squadrons with F-101B2 strike fighter squadrons with CF-1042 strike fighter squadrons with CF-5A1 ECM squadron with CF-1001 reconnaissance squadron with CF-1042 transport squadrons with C-130E1 transport squadron with Falcon 201 transport squadron with DHC-61 transport squadron with Boeing 707-320C1 trainer squadron with CF-104D1 trainer squadron with TF-101B and T-33A-N1 trainer squadron with T-33A-N- trainer squadrons with Musketeer and DHC-1- trainer squadrons with CL-41fighter, strike fighter and reconnaissance squadrons eachwith 16-18 aircraftColdMontreal, Moose Jaw,Petawawa,Uplands,Lake,Comox,Rivers,Valcartier,St.Major basesBagotville,Edmonton, Gagetown, Halifax,Namao,NorthHubert,Toronto,WinnipegEquipmentFighters and strike fighters14 Canadair CF-10065 Canadair CF-104 (F-104G)25 Canadair CF-104D (TF-104G)71 Canadair CF-5A (Northrop F-5A)44 Canadair CF-5B (Northrop F-5B)60 McDonnell F-101B6 McDonnell TF-101BSome CF-104 and 74 CF-5 have been mothballedTransports5 Boeing 707-320C7 Dassault Falcon 208 DeHavilland Canada DHC-617 Douglas C-4723 Lockheed C-130EHelicopters6 Boeing Vertol CH-1 13Trainers25 Beechcraft Musketeer Sport170 Canadair CL^tlA150(?) Canadair T-33A-N9 Convair CC-10940 DeHavilland Canada DHC-1ProgrammePurchase of further 1-2 Boeing 707-320C transports andtankersplanned.DouglasDeHavilland Canada DHC-1 trainers to be phased out.Army34,000 menArmy Aviation— men— squadrons85 operational aircraft and140 helicoptersOrganisation4 helicopter squadrons with CUH-1N (UH-1N) andCOH-58A (OH-58A)1 helicopter squadron with CH-113A—liaison and AOP squadrons with O-IA and O-IE1 transport squadron with DHC-56 transport squadrons with DHC-3EquipmentHelicopters74 Bell COH-58A (OH-58A)10 Bell CUH-1H (UH-1H)50 Bell CUH-1N (UH-1N)some Boeing Vertol CH-1 13Liaison and AOP aircraft24 Cessna O-IA and O-IE4 Cessna L-19Lsome Cessna 172Transports38 DeHavilland Canada DHC-315 DeHavilland Canada DHC-5ProgrammePhasing out of Cessna L-19L and Cessna 172 liaisonaircraftNavy14,000 menNaval aviation— men6 squadrons52 operational aircraft and38 helicoptersOrganisation4 maritime reconnaissance and ASW squadrons withCL-281 maritime reconnaissance and ASW squadron withCS2F-2 (S-2A)1 ASW squadron with CHSS-2 (SH-3A)Calgary,Chatham,Bay,Ottawa,Trenton,C-47transportsand13 1 trainer squadron with CL-28EquipmentMaritime reconnaissance and ASW aircraft30 Canadair CL-286 DeHavilland Canada-Grumman CS2F-2 (S-2A)9 Grumman CSR-110 (HU-16B)Helicopters38 Sikorsky CHSS-2 (SH-3A)ProgrammeReplacement of Canadair CL-28 maritime reconnaissanceand ASW aircraft from 1975 (by 30 Lockheed P-3?)Aircraft factoriesCanadair. DeHavilland and Canada (DHC)CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLICAir force (Force Aerienne Centrafricaine)men 100squadrons—operational aircraft 2 andhelicopters1OrganisationBaseBanguiMilitary' training aid fromFranceEquipmentTransports1 Dassault Falcon 201 Douglas C^7Liaison and AOP aircraft8 Aermacchi AL.60C53 Max Holste M.H.1521MHelicopters1 Aerospatiale Alouette IIArmy700 menCEYLON (SRI LANKA)Air force (Sri Lanka Air Force)men 1,600squadrons 4operational aircraft 17helicopters16Organisation1...